*  Guided tour to the Abadi or Sar-e-Bagh: (Agricultural area of Maymand) and Eshkaft (the worshipping place and the first human dwelling around Maymand) and the ancient inscriptions and petroglyphs along the way. Duration: 4-6 hours


*  Guided tour to Saraghol (the husbandry place of the people of Maymand) and experiencing the lifestyle of the local people And, watching centuries-old (wild pistachio) trees. The tour lasts for 4-6 hour


*  Tours to the villages and Saraghol can be done by walking or by 4WD vehicles. The tours shall take 2-4 hours by walking.


*  It is possible to arrange guide and suitable vehicle for visiting the other nearby attractions, such as the Castle of Marj Village, Pishasta and Riseh Villages, Ayub Cave, Rivas Plain, Makhrageh Salt Lake, etc.


Experience-Based Tours

*  Half-day shepherding tour, including accompanying the shepherd and lunch

*  One day shepherding tour including accompanying the shepherd for 24 hours, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the equipment needed for spending the night in nature

*  Special activities such as experiencing harvesting the garden products (walnut, almond, silver berry, pistachio, etc), milking and making dairies, baking local breads, and making handicrafts can be arranged depending on the season and upon prior request. Cost of such tours shall be calculated based on place, time, and number of participants


– The shepherding tour can be arranged for maximum four persons.